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Vendor Partnerships
and Collaborations

We believe in fostering a vibrant community and supporting local businesses.
We’re excited to offer vendor spaces within our cozy coffee house, providing a unique opportunity
for vendors and small businesses to showcase their products to our diverse and loyal customer base.
Local Artisan Partnerships

We collaborate with local artisans and small businesses to feature and sell their products in our coffee house.
This could include handmade mugs, local artwork, or even specialty food items.

Culinary Collaborations

We encourage vendors to bring their culinary creativity to the table.
Whether you specialize in artisan pastries, savory bites, or unique snacks, we're open to diverse and exciting food options
that pair seamlessly with our exceptional coffee. Share your vision and showcase the uniqueness of your offerings.

Small business Sunday

Every Saturday, we open our doors to local vendors, providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their unique products. It's a celebration of community and entrepreneurship, where you can discover a diverse array of other one-of-a-kind treasures.

POP-up events and WORKSHOP SPACE

If you're a passionate entrepreneur, artist, or small business owner looking for a unique venue to showcase your products or services, we invite you to become a valued vendor. We welcome a variety of events, including workshops, classes, and business meetings, making our space the perfect backdrop for your endeavors.This not only educates your customers but also creates opportunities for collaboration with other businesses.

Becoming a vendor is a straightforward and rewarding process.
We welcome a variety of products ensuring a dynamic and eclectic mix for our customers.
Here’s a simple guide to get started on your journey as a vendor:
Explore Our Community
Reach Out to Us
Showcase Your Products
Promote Your Presence
Build Relationships
We view our vendors as essential partners in creating a thriving local ecosystem.
We look forward to welcoming you to our family of entrepreneurs and helping your business flourish.

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