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Vendor FAQ

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Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

How can vendors showcase their products?
What types of products are suitable for showcasing at Khairos Coffee Co.?
Are there any restrictions on the types of products allowed?
Is there a fee for vendors to showcase their products?
How long can vendors display their products? Will there be a contract?
Are there any restrictions on the size or type of display for vendors?
Do vendors need to have their own display fixtures?
Is there assistance available for setting up Vendor display?
How is inventory management handled?
Can vendors offer samples or promotions during their tenancy?
How are sales and payments handled?
What marketing support is provided to vendors?
Do I need to provide my own insurance as a vendor?
Can I participate in special events or promotions hosted by Khairos Coffee Co.?
Are there any marketing guidelines or branding requirements for vendors?
How do you handle customer feedback or concerns related to my products?
What if my question is not on here?
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